Thursday 24 November 2011

Ross on Wye Cider and Perry Co. - Broome Farm Cyder

I now move on to a cyder with an Alpaca on the label. For those who are familiar with the Ross on Wye Cider an Perry Company it is of course the Broome Farm Cyder. This is another Cider Shop (Bristol) purchase, and I think it was probably the first one that I picked up from the shelf. Mind you, that could just be because Mike Johnson, the guy who runs Ross Cider, is just such a thoroughly nice bloke.

Well, its got it all going for it before its poured out of the bottle - its a golden, dry cider with a gentle sparkle that is almost certainly a tiny bit of finishing fermentation after bottling. Its not a deep colour though, and is surprisingly clear. I am not a cloudy cider person though - I don't mind a haze - but I am equally not a crystal clear cider drinker either.

The smell is strong and cidery. I had small concerns that there was whisky in the smell, although to be honest, its the alcoholic aroma that I am catching. Mind you. Coming back and re-smelling it a few times, I am not 100% sure that there isn't whisky in there. Maybe it was fermented in a whisky barrel. If it affects the taste I may not be so happy...

To drink, it is realy, really smooth. The taste is pretty light and my concerns about whisky seem to clearly be unfounded. There are some tangy tannins in here that bring the drink to life - and a decent measure of acid too that counters the tannins and even wins over through the aftertaste.

I think tangy is probably the best word to describe this cider. It is different from most of the other ciders I have tried so far - and it w
ill stick out as a result. I really like it, and could probably go on drinking it all night (well, I could have another one anyway).

In conclusion, I am still not 100% convinced that whisky hasn't entered the process somewhere, but I cannot place it in the taste. And if it is whisky, then it is perfection. I say that because so many ciders that have seen rum, whisky or other type of cask are tainted through the process. And often its not pleasant. To do it and to retain the ciders integrity is no mean feat. Next time I see him, I shall ask Mr Johnson about this:-)

A score of 93 and a big fat gold apple for Ross Cider.

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