Sunday 6 November 2011

Aspall Lady Jennifer's Cyder

This was a bit of a find in a local Waitrose in Cardiff - an Aspall's I haven't tried before. Is it new? I have no idea and their website isn't much help in finding out. Not sure I like that label as much as the other cyders. Its all wishy washy where the others have made good use of powerful designs and strong colours. Could it be that this cyder isn't aimed at someone like me???

Its also very weak for a cyder, and much weaker than the rest of the Aspall range. At 4% its almost as if its a re-press (a second pressing of pomace once the majority of juice has been extracted). However, knowing that Aspall are a large, rather automated business, I doubt that they will be too bothered about repressing. Plus, I suspect that the presses they use are sufficiently serious that repressing just isn't viable. Anyway, its weak... speculation isn't going to work out why.

Lady Jennifer's cyder is described as being "A crisp light cyder". From pouring, it is a straw coloured cyder with a moderate fizz that persists throughout the drink. It has a light enough aroma which on par with other Aspall's.

A bit about the scoring on here - and of which this cyder is a good example. Although there are scores for tannin and acidity, this has to sit with the style of drink - western, eastern, cidre or sidra (or other). Now, I am not an expert on any of these drinks, but I reckon its unfair to score (say) an eastern style cyder down for having too little tannin. Its not suppost to have much tannin.  I hope to have read the various style correctly (i.e. its not simply 'western style' - there is Herefordshire, Somerset, Devon etc.). So, if you are a little confused by a cyder like this scoring 7 for tannin, it means that it is appropriate for its style.

Oh, its not that simple though. Cider makers generally don't work to 'styles' - they do what they like. So you are left to guess.

Back to Lady Jennifer. I reckon this cyder is a little odd for Aspall's. Not just for its marketing, but also it tastes weak. It has a light enough flavour with a decent fruit base, but its just a bit like watered down cyder.

Mind you, it is what it says it is on the label, so for that Aspall get credit. I am sure that if I were to find myself on a Victorian picnic and needing to be proper and charming it would suit the occasion very well. I have never been on a Victorian picnic and can think of other cyders... other Aspall's cyders... that I would take along.

In all honesty, it does everything competently. I just doesn't work very well for me. Could it be that its not aimed at people like me??

The taste is pretty weak, the aftertaste fades quickly although has an acidic bite to it. And I guess, as a fairly competent cyder, it scored 65/100.

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