Tuesday 15 November 2011

Dunkertons Dry Organic Cider

I did wonder for a while whether this was the same stuff that I drank at the Great British Beer Festival [link], however, its a dry and also I have reckoned on the GBBF being supplied the sweeter 'Old Fashioned Cider'.

Anyway, it came from the Bristol Cider Shop (again)... I am sure I must be persuading someone to go and visit them!

The one chink in Dunkerton's armour for me is their insistence on making everything 'organic'. Whilst I accept that it is a good thing to do, I am not convinced of the motivation behind the 'organic lobby'... and in any case a lot of cider orchards are organic by the virtue of noone bothering to spray. So I think their argument is a little thin (unless you are persuaded that having a certificate or a 'number' somehow makes it more acceptable.

Anyway. That is a trifling thing. The fact and truth is that they make great cider. Traditional, full juice and true to their location in Herefordshire. I am sure this is not going to let that down. Now - do I mark them down for slapping 'Organic' over the front of the bottle???

It pours a golden colour which doesn't look filtered. It has a sparkle to it, but I would suggest that it is more likely to be bottle conditioned as opposed to carbonated. Very appetising!

The smell is all bittersweet and tannic. and whilst it has a low fizz, it is very persistent. And then there is that awesome taste of the cider; not too dry, but with a explosion of bittersweet/sharp fruit that is truly a joy. At the end of the mouthful, its all bittersharp, and that is what is left in the mouth until the next gulp.

Whilst it is full of tannins, they don't rule the drink too much. The acid from the bittersharps reigns it back nicely - and it must be thing that is combating the tannins dryness. Well, that and these persistent bubbles that seem to rumble on in the background all the way until the last drop.

Now, this is what I call a worthy cider. And indeed, it gets a gold apple with 93 points. My list of golds is growing into a very nice bunch indeed!

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