Friday 18 November 2011

Perry's Farm Pressed Medium Cider

Now here is one of the medium/big producers that I feel I have missed so far... and a trip down to Dorset soon sorted that out:-)

Perry's are on the cusp of being a Sheppy's/Thatchers sized business - they are certainly all over the place (although they are not actually from Dorset - they are based near to Taunton in Somerset). Their farm is worth a visit too, and if you time it right (i.e. you just about missed it now) you can see the milling and pressing of apples from the comfort of the cafe just across the yard. Now, a farm with a cafe... very modern!!

So, why start with the medium? Well, I confess its not the only one I have (I actually think I bought just about all of their current range bar the Perry... though thinking about it I should have done!) But its the one that I fished out first, so there you go.

Pouring it out, it positively glows - golden and even a little reddy amber coming out too. All too often I put that down to Yarlington Mill, though I suspect its not the only variety to have this effect. At first the carbonation is quite large but this soon settles down to a gentle bubble - so the description on the bottle is bang on.

The smell is all cidery and lovely too. Its a little on the light side - its also a bright cider so I suspect a touch of filtering has removed some of the rawness of it. And to taste; bittersharp and bittersweet apples in roughly equal measure. It has a fantastic tannin that is just a little hidden behind the sweetness. Mind you, don't think that its going to ba a strong sweetness, as there is an awful lot going on in this blend - and the sweetness by no means has it all its own way!

The aftertaste is just more of the same loveliness. Its a really good cider and makes me want to go straight on to the dry version!!

My only comment has to be the 5% level. To my mind a touch light but I guess there is no problem in this. It doesn't matter in any case as it scored 81/100 which grants it a silver apple!

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