Sunday 27 November 2011

Amazing Cider Company, May's Cider

Well, its nice to see another full juice cider donning the shelves of the local Asda. And this one supports 'Help for Hero's' too... well, a little bit of it does anyway. To be honest, I don't really care whether they use this as a gimmick or not, its just nice to see Asda making some kind of effort as far as cider goes.

I have tried cider from the Amazing Cider Company before, but it was a long while ago when I was on holiday in Ross on Wye. Mind you, there are a lot of Herefordshire ciders aren't there!!!

So, on to the drink. It pours out golden and extremely clear. It was also incredibly fizzy... it could have done with a cork and cage almost. My notes comment that it wanted to leave the bottle, so that is definitely fizzy! (the cap all but took off).

The fruity aroma is also pretty light too. I guess this could be due to filtering - it has been fairly well filtered. By that I mean very filtered. Often, this affects the flavour of a cider (to me), but I am guessing on this cider.

To taste, it is very sweet - OK, its a medium. Its an honest medium then and I do wish I could have a choice of a drier version. That aside, there is still room for the tannin to come through during the drink and it is nice and modest (probably contained due to filtering). But its the sweetness that wins through into the aftertaste.

Don't expect a whole lot of acid in Mays cider though. As a Herefordshire cider, I was expecting a balance between sharp and tannin, but I guess I am just trying to pigeon hole ciders too much. Its nice all the same though.

I think it was the sweetness that put me off of this cider a little - though its score just shows that it is a very good cider despite what I think of the sweetening. It scored 71/100, which is a bronze apple.

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