Thursday 3 November 2011

Burrow Hill Somerset Cider

I seem to be spoiling myself with cider at the moment. Partly this is thanks to having a client in Avonmouth - which means that I can get to The Cider Shop in Bristol easily. If you haven't visited, this is a treasure trove of West Country cider makers from both Herefordshire and Somerset. The radius of suppliers is 50 miles in each direction, but even so there is a huge range to choose from.

Buying 10 bottles that I hadn't tried before still left easily another 10 to go (well, I have to go back sometime eh!). I have to say that these guys aren't on their own though - if you can get to Ross, try Truffles Deli (I know, its a deli... it sells a lot of cider too).

Anyway, the next bottle I come to is the unmistakable Burrow Hill. These guys are surely some of the leading cider brains in the UK, if not the world. It ought to be a winner all the way. Well, as I have already opened it, I guess there is only one way of finding out!

Its, as expected, a nice golden colour and (I am pleased to say) with little carbonation to it. The aroma is fruity and tannic. Pretty heavy tannins too. Basically, very good if rather heavy.

As anticipated, this cider is all bittersweet cider apple with little sharpness to counter the huge tannins and fruit in the mouth. Its not bone dry though, so the sweetening is serving a purpose. Talking of sweetening, this is sensibly done. The drink isn't about the sweetness - its about the flavour. And I really do appreciate that. Why would I expect anything else eh!

This is a really good cider. Heavy, west country (Somerset) style with little time for frills and faffs like bubbles and sweetness. I do reckon its filtered though... but then who said filtering was always a bad thing?!

A couple of comments. Burrow Hill have over 40 varieties of cider apple that go into their blends. This is a big number of varieties to blend with, and it comes through on the balance of the cider. I doubt all 40 are in this one bottle as Burrow Hill do make several types of cider. However, this is a good blended cider - and I think the best ones are.

My only other comment is to Burrow Hill really. Why on earth does it say "Can be served over ice" on the bottle? I can only assume this is either ironic or simply taking the wotsit out of those who know no better. I doubt ice would have added anything to this cider!

Anyway, a great silver apple with a score of 86/100

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