Friday 28 June 2013

Amazing Cider Co. Mays Reserve Cider

Moving on... within Herefordshire once again:-), I come to another of the Amazing Cider Company range. They haven't faired that well in my reviews, but I should be fairly safe... after all, if something is reserved then it's going to be for a reason (isn't it?) Surely cider producers don't just chuck out any old cider as a 'reserve' or a 'vintage' but save the very best. I hope so.

I haven't said it for a while, but I do prefer clear bottles for cider. I can see that this is a lovely golden colour cider, although not a trace of bottle conditioning (i.e. yeast). It is also presented nicely with an interesting label. I note that this is 7% too... so it ought to be full juice.

So, getting on to opening and pouring the thing. It has a moderate fizz to it, which gets in the way of the smell a bit. However, it is a full bodied aroma with some leather notes to it - not a great deal but it is there.

The taste is a touch syruppy, which is surprising. There is plenty of sharp in there with some good tannin. It does feel a little too clean, but it has a nice tang to it... mind you, it does feel slightly odd in the mouth.  Full bodied but not really drying, this is a good cider with some straggly ends. It feels sweetened quite a bit, but I can still 'see' the cider beneath it.

It has a medium to long aftertaste with the tannin lasting through it. Not especially fruity though.

I like this cider. and the score of 74/100 gives it a big fat bronze apple.

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