Hello from a pilgrim on a journey to find the finest ciders.

Weston#s Cider Bottle Museum/Cafe
Yeah, there are wine buffs, whisky connoisseurs, real ale aficionados’ and the man from del monte – all want to give you their take on what they think is good and bad - and in some cases influence your tastes. This is a little like the first bit, an opinion on various ciders that are out there. And there the similarity (hopefully) ends. There is not a cider specialist in sight, just a cider drinker who wants an excuse to try as many different ciders as possible, record them for posterity and see how many really fine ciders there are.

You may not agree with the assessments found on here... comment and make your voice heard. You may agree with the conclusion so, again, leave a note to say so.

To try and feign a smudge of respectability and objectivity, a 'scoring' system has been borrowed from others better at that kind of thing. See the 'scoring system' page for more details about that. Its not meant to be that objective though - just an opinion (which really is all the buffs, aficionados' and specialists give you anyway).

Oh, and there is no firm intention of only trying those ciders that are 100% apple juice, or pressed through straw, or made without sulphites... its all  worth trying even if some are painful to consume!. Sorry if that leaves you cold!

Indeed, there ought to be a benchmark from which all are judged. Why set the target too high? As the market leader in the UK, Magners fits this bill rather nicely. If you are a Magners drinker, then this may even help to draw you into the world of artisan cider further.

Lastly, there is no timetable for this. Its a commitment to find, try and discover cider as a quality drink. All without a note of the Wurzels (maybe a little Radio 4:-)

About Cider Pages

The reviews on this blog are the personal opinion of a cider drinker and do not represent any kind of official position or statement of fact regarding any of the beverages tested. Its all subjective - what I find interesting may be deemed disgusting by anyone else!

Each blog, review, score and image is the intellectual property of Cider Pages and all rights are reserved. Please don't copy or lift things from here without checking first. I don't bite - just ask.

This project is a personal journal. Saying that, comments and alternative reviews are always welcome. Cider is an ever changing thing and the same cider will taste different from batch to batch and year to year. This is a good thing - its something that should never get boring. I am not trying to stop people from trying anything cidery... I wish more cider 'experts' would try more before judging... if you are drinking something that you 'know' to be made through industrial practices (chaptalisation etc.) then try to imagine what it used to taste like - the odds are that it was very good indeed. Basically, this blog is about being open minded.

Perry. Hmmmm. Yes. I have done a few, and my palate for perry is growing... but I am much more familiar with cider. So I may try to coax others with a broader knowledge to 'guest' - or failing that just keep going... it really is an interesting and varied drink and is very different from cider!

Yer Tiz