Thursday 4 July 2013

Fosseway Cider Somerset Glory

The second choice of cider at Southampton Arms was Somerset Glory (I only found out afterwards that it was a Fosseway cider). I did have a third cider produced by a maker I respect, but this was in such bad condition that I felt obliged not to include it - something must have happened to it on its way to London as there were bits floating in it!

A few words more on Southampton Arms. I have already espoused the feel of the place. Very nice with a large, studenty clientele. They say they have a great choice of cider on too - which I confess wasn't what I found initially (they did put on a couple more ciders later). There was Burrow Hill on tap though, and space for four or five bag in boxes along the back wall, with little chalk plaques declaring what was on offer.

The pub is quite neat - they offer wholesome snack like scotch eggs, pork pies and pulled pork and apple in a roll. Definitely pitching to a particular type of punter:-) In all though, it is a gem in the forest of corporate and chain pubs that are littered around London.

Lets get on to this cider though. It comes to me bright and golden and still. Again, this is pitched as a dry cider (can you spot a trend?). The smell is quite faint, but what there is is quite rich and clean. I am getting the fruit, cider apples and a bit of earth thrown in - hedgerow fruits too.

The taste is delicious although I cannot help thinking that something is missing. For me this is usually a sign of over filtering. It is clean with a gentle tannin and a tiny bit of acid thrown in as well. It is a touch watery too... drinking on, the acid is definitely there alongside the bitter apples - a well rounded cider... and dry too (this time:-)

Not bad at all. The aftertaste is medium length of the same profile as the cider - not too drying and a little watery at the end.

Somerset Glory scores  76, which is a nice bronze apple for Fosseway.

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