Thursday 26 April 2012

Rosemary Vineyards - Rosemary Rambler

This is the 'other' blend that I could find from Rosemary Vineyard, a wine and cider producer on the Isle of Wight. I guess to some that is not typical cider country - it is outside of 'ciderland', if you like. That is not my personal belief. I think that those commentators who fail to take in anything other than the west country (or just the west and eastern counties) is missing a trick - didn't Merrydown originate from Sussex?

Anyway, this cider is available either sparkling or still (like the 'Steamer'), Both types are described as 'sweet' though... which may be a shame for me. On pouring, the cider is bright yellow with not much sparkling going on (although what is there is persistent!). It looks like an Eastern style of cider - judging both by colour and description as well as experience of their other cider.

To taste, Rambler is smooth and vinous. As anticipated, there is no cider fruit in here - very eastern style. However, the acids are not all that sharp at all and the desert fruit doesn't have any huge character to replace it with. I am afraid to say it leaves it a little dull to be honest.

There is no huge aftertaste either, in length of aftertaste or in general fruitiness, and after a while this drink does feel a little watery and lacking - well, perhaps I am spoiled by choice these days. There is an absense of much body to it as well - something that is acceptable from an eastern cider, although you would expect stacks of refreshing sharpness and some charisma from the fruit (nuttiness or lemony tastes for example). So, what does it make me think of? Well, white wine. Not a great white wine at that. Sorry Rosemary Vineyards, this is not a favourite particularly, although I hav no doubt that it is full juice - there is nothing wrong with it technically but perhaps the choice of fruit is a bit limited...

And I haven't even mentioned sweetness, of which there is a fair bit. On this occasion, I don't think that is the problem.

This cider scored 56/100. So, not a knock out, but an above average score. And I ought to apologise for the below average photo!

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