Monday 2 April 2012

Rich's Farmhouse Cider

Aha. This one is a dry. And its a heritage cider bought from Bristol Cider Shop. And its in a big bottle. Should be a good review this:-)

Rich's is a family owned cider business from Somerset - soemwhere between Bridgewater, Taunton and Weston Supermare. Its one of those places - a bit like Perry's; shop, restaurant... and a museum too. Its even got a childrens playground. So there really is no reason not to hunt them down (they are not that far from the M5 either).

OK. On with the review! So, being in a good cider mood, I am pleased to say that this cider has a soft low carbonation and is not perfectly bright. I like that, because if it has been filtered then it has been done gently. The sad thing about many bright ciders is that some of the quality and taste gets filtered out too.

To fit with expectations, its also got a lovely aroma to it. Lets face it, its from Somerset... its going to be made just from cider fruit. However, its a nice smell. And, for the first time in a while, its exactly what you get on the tongue. Mostly bittersharp fruit - mild sharp all the way through but with plenty of tannin to give a decent body which holds the acid back to a good level.

Generally, its balanced - although do not read that as being 'safe'. Its an extremely good cider. Its not too dry either. I would say its almost on the light side of dry, which is actually a good thing for a deep cider like this. The tannins are full on and develop further in the mouth - so potentially could be puckering. But its not, so its a good balance.

The aftertaste is mild to boot. There is really very little to find wrong with this cider; it does everything well. Which is nice after a couple of misfires. Especially misfires that are caused by my inability to pay attention to the label!

Rich's Farmhouse Cider notched up 86/100 for me, which gives a sivler apple. One to seek out.

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