Friday 20 April 2012

Chateau du Brueil Cidre Pays d'Auge

Aha. A French cidre out of the bleu. Well, I have been saving this one up for a special occasion. And, as I cannot find a special occasion, I have decided that I have waited to try it for long enough (in fact, I am going back to France myself soon, so having a gift of French cidre sat around is not necessarily a good thing).

We are lucky in the UK. We have access to so much wide and varied cider. Without doubt the best producers in the world are no more than a drive or ferry journey away. Now, I would argue that the best cider producers are British. I am sure that is open for debate. More are starting to play around with French methods of production, so right now there is so much choice in the UK its something we should be very proud of.

There are some pretty good French cidres too. And no, I do not count in that the one served in a 'Chalice' - Stella Artois are Belgian, not French... and that is just for starters!!

This cider is nicely golden, frothy and smells of cider fruit - a great start to a typically French cidre. At 4.5% its about right, and I am expecting it to be naturally sweet too.

What hits you first (apart from the bubbles!) is a mellow, nutty flavour going on within. Sure, there are stacks of fruit in this drink - cidery and sweet - but its also matured really well (it has been sat on top of my fridge for several months so that has probably helped! - and ageing of cider once purchased is well worthy of further discussion at some point).

This is a French cidre with a west country accent to it. The tannins are full yet also mellowed. There is fairly limited acid though, which is countered by the drinks sweetness. Its not a bonkers sweetness though; its well controlled and doesn't compete with the body coming from the cider fruit.

Nice and smooth. As is the aftertaste. Its got tannins to it as well. Its a little on the short side, and as with most French cidre it does feel a little watery once you are into the aftertaste. Don't get me wrong though - this is a fab cidre.

If you can find it (they do have a website - albeit in French:-), this cidre is well recommended. A good silver apple with a score of 80 points.

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  1. Hmmm. That comment is a bit of an advert for Loic Raisson, isn't it. Well, I have tried one Loic Raisson and it wasn't bad at 65 points total)- 15 points behind this cidre though.

    All the best