Monday 2 January 2012

Perry's Somerset Dabinett Cider

Working my way through the Perry's cider range, I come to a cider that I think was on my list of favourites from a very early cider stage. I say that its on my list of favourites, it was always a bit of an odd one - it was one of the very few single variety ciders that I actually liked. Now, coming to cider as someone who actually makes some I understand why: the humble Dabinett. It is a superb bittersweet apple - very similar to Harry Masters in look and taste, but blends are all the better for having a good dose of it!

Pouring out, this cider is a low carbonation, with a nice golden colour and the familiar dabinett smell to it. Whilst it is bright, which = filtered in my book, it is appetising.

The taste is all tannic bittersweet - good body with a drying taste to it. Its been sweetened though to give it its medium/sweet monika... I have to say I think this dumbs it down a little and as a result I don't get all the complexity (its all covered in whatever has been used to sweeten it with). If this is to make the drink more accessible then it is a shame, although I do understand; unfortunately the pace of cider is set by those who use rather a lot less actual apples than Perry's do. As a businessman, I understand the need to sell the stuff. As a drinker, I do wish that they would offer a more naturally dry alternative.

Because of this treatment, the aftertaste wanes rather fast and leaves a sweet taste in the mouth. I do think its a real shame that cider makers need to sweeten cider to make it acceptable to the drinkers. I know people are after sweet things these days but it would be nice to think that some things can be left alone for tastes sake. And no, I am not going to start a career as a celebrity chef... I just agree with them about this!

OK, bashing the idea of pandering to the punter aside, this is a good cider. Its definitely one of the better SV's out there! With a score of 79/100 it gets a bronze apple from me. Now you don't get that on 'rate beer'!!!:-)

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