Monday 17 February 2014

Westons Family Reserve Cider

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My second cider of the evening came in the form of a Westons that I have yet to try. The Family Reserve is a 5% standard cider on draught. Bright, still and golden. Exactly what I have come to expect of Westons ciders on the whole.

I only take a half a pint at a time when reviewing, which usually leaves me with room for more and also capable of writing up notes without either falling asleep or not thinking. Sadly, however, this wasn't going to help my photography - the iPhone insisted that I had no battery life (until I got half way home and it remembered it actually had 50%...) So - if anyone is near the Cider Tap at Euston and can take a photograph of this for me - I would be grateful!

Okay, once again I am getting sulphites in the smell, although there isn't a whole lot else to comment on. This is (I have found) due to the temperature that cider is served in the Tap. Too cold. Perhaps there is the hint of apple... I am sure it would be stronger if it were sold a little less frosty!

Right. The taste. On the positive side is has a faint tannin and acidity to balance it out. There is a fairly washed out fruitiness too - although there is plenty of back sweetening to this medium cider - by that I mean juice (Westons sweetener of choice). This results in the cider having the complexion of apple squash. It is rather watery, to be honest, and I am a touch disappointed.

There is a very short aftertaste. It could be down to the temperature again, although I doubt this has a whole lot more at whatever temperature.

I am trying to think of a positive way of seeing this cider... I guess (once again) it is designed to speak to the masses, where challenging and bold flavours are frowned upon. It's a bit like taking the ubiquitous 1st Quality/Guvnor/Marcle Hill and diluting it a bit. There is traditional west country flavours, but they are very washed out.

Sorry Westons - there are some of your range that I do like... honestly! I just don't think this cider was tailored to someone like me. I have to be objective about this - and it is only my opinion at the end of the day... I just don't like it.

A score of 47/100 puts it just about where I feel.

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