Friday 11 March 2011

Sheppy's Somerset Draught Cider

So, two Sheppy's in a row... I think this is because Asda doesn't have the widest range of ciders. Having bought a couple and sat them side by side, they are exactly the same colour and alcohol content. The Somerset Draught has the ring of being Sheppy's 'stock' cider - the blend from wich the other creations are made.

This is a light, fizzy cider with mellow tannins and a good fruity taste. There is little oak taste to it (I am still oaked out after the last Sheppy's), but it is a full cider taste with good acidity to match the tannin. It hasn't got the distinctiveness of other Sheppy's ciders - not a complex or deep cider like the Vintage, and certainly not the same character as the Oakwood. But I like it - though granted, at a low 5.5% its nore a session cider (but not a watery one).

On the journey to find the best ciders available, this probably falls a bit short. On the journey to find good examples of an English cider this is really not bad at all. 

It scored 67, which is better than the Oakwood. Its definitely more drinkable, but suffered a little as it doesn't offer a character that is particularly complex. Sheppy's are doing OK in the scores though...

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