Monday 28 March 2011

Aspall Peronnelle Blush Cider

A really hard one this. It would be far too easy to bash it for not really being cider and following the 'fruit' laced cider trend... it would also be too easy to support fruit (other than apple) cider and unwittingly fall into something that I have strong feelings about.

So, this needs to stand up as a cider, for me. Not as a 'girls drink', not as a 'fruit laced cider', not even as an alcopop. It needs to be a cider. And I ought to make it clear how I feel about these drinks... just 'cos its got 'cider' on the label, doesn't make it cider in the bottle. I am still thinking and weighing out whether I want to try Koppaburg or Reordeligg on here - even trying to be objective would be so tricky!

Anyway, This is quite a hard one for me.

First thing to note is that it has a blackcurrent and cider smell. Yep, almost separate aroma's coming off it. Its also deep pink (indicated 'red' on the sheet as I didnt think to make space for a pink cider. Again, the carbonation is gentle but leaves a foam on top, which seems to give it a bit more body in the mouth.

To my taste, its a little odd. There is a 'Premier Cru' taste about it - definitely an Aspell cyder underneath, but over the top there is a berry taste. Let me expand. This isn't a 'Ribena' taste. Its not at all sickly (and medium dry seems to be just about right). And while it doesn't completely take control, it does linger into the aftertaste as the dominant flavour.

Hmmmmm. I am a bit torn. Aspall haven't overdone things (I have tried some of the others, so know what overdone tastes like). Its a very posh alcopop if it is one at all. Having seen people buy up bottles of fruit adjusted 'cider' alcopop in the supermarkets, I actually believe this a step in the right direction. So a score of 67/100 is deserved. For what it is it is well done. And as Aspall sit on the edge of the bit commercial cider producers I think they are exactly the people to do it well.

Mind you, I don't really go for other fruit in my cider. Its just as bad as ice!

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