Wednesday 9 March 2011

Sheppy's Oakwood Supreme Cider

This is a Sheppy's I hadn't met before... which probably demonstrates a sheltered existance! Oakwood Supreme plays heavily on its oak fermentation and maturation. Its a medium sweet cider - so its a lot sweeter than I am used to or would naturally choose... but lets not prejudge it. At 6% it is about right too.

Despite the initial 'pfzzz' the carbonation is actually quite restrained. First impressions, however, are made through the aroma. Oak. lots of it. Then the first taste is... no, wait for it... oak. lots and lots of it! This is a very oaky drink. This gives it a stack of unique character; and it is eminently drinkable. But the oak competes with the tannin to dominate this cider and the overall experience is oak and tannin.

I would liken the Oakwood Supreme to ciders which have been matured in 'Rum' or 'Whiskey' casks - too often these are overdone and end up ruining the drink. Its not unpleasant, but having tasted oak matured cider in the past this one is a bit over the top. Oak may be traditional, but it should be in the background if it needs to be there.

I like this cider. For character alone, this deserves a place on the list of ciders to try for anyone interested in exploring new ciders. Not in my top list though.

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