Saturday 5 March 2011

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Suffolk Cyder

As with many supermarket 'own brand' ciders, they are produced by a third party and then sold on under the supermarkets name. With this one, its not exactly hidden - its right there in big letters on the front label. Aspall are a good, solid cider maker from Suffolk who make really nice cider... sorry, that should be cyder... in the Eastern counties style.

Does the fact that they have made this for a supermarket mean they are bad? No. Does it mean the cider itself is bad? Well, probably not - we'll see. Does it make it not cider? No, it looks like cider and smells like cider. The 4.5% is a bit weak - that is almost a second pressing of the apple pulp strength. Its also more expensive than many of Aspall's own labelled cider at just over £2 for a 500ml bottle.

So, is it love at first gulp? No. Once I had waited for the fizz to subside a bit, I just felt a bit disappointed by it. Having bought Aspall's cider quite happily in the past, I just thought this one let it down a bit too much. OK, so with the low alcoholic volume it was likely to be watery, but it just feels a bit too sweet and acidic... and rather non committal for an eastern style of cider.

On the label it says this cider balances sweetness and acidity. Sure, but does that count when the sweetness and acidity drown most other flavours out. That is a bit unkind, there is a refreshing lemony taste to it. But its not a winner for me, I am afraid.

I think the 62 points it scored is a bit generous, although it is better than more market leading alternatives. Sorry Aspall!

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