Monday 14 May 2012

Weston's English Vintage 2010 Cider

So, here we have the 'other' English Vintage version of Weston's cider. Is it the same? We shall see, although I am not going to be giving very high odds on it being any different! Its in the same style and size of bottle - its as if they simply label the two differently... is that just lazy? Is it OK? I guess I ought to leave you to be the judge of that. Safe to say though, I cannot think it adds any value to the cider and the change in labelling must simply be a cost to Weston's. Odd, innit! Again, here is the photo to show you just how much they are similar externally.

I guess I had better put us all out of our misery on this one eh! Well, here goes (I am actually going to write this as I try it, although I think I know what to expect already!).

Guess what. Its golden. moderately sparkling and had a fairly moderate fruity and tannic aroma. Heard this before? Oh yeah, and there is even the faintest whiff of sulphite to it... could it even be from the same batch???

To taste, mmmm. Its not bad. As not bad as the cider was yesterday. It is not surprising that it is exactly the same. Fairly safe, although a good measure of mild tannin and fruit going on. It has a balance with the acid going on too and the taste lasts well into the aftertaste. Its not too sweet and while there is a bit of 'juiciness' to it, its by no means a lot.

Re-read the last review and then compare with this one... the two ciders are one and the same. I wish I had checked the price of each to see if they lumped a load more onto the Westons bottle... but I didn't I am afraid.

In all, while I may sound disappointed I think it is a nice cider in its own right. I have no idea why Weston's choose to sell the same drink under several different names (and as if to regurgitate the last review in true Westons style - this is by no means the only example of Weston's doing this). I recently drove through Much Marcle and if I had known I would have stopped in to ask them. Mind you, I am not exactly sure what they would have told me!

Surprise - it has got exactly the same score as the Sainsbury's version. Not really fair to mark down the Weston's one is it really. But - which came first???


  1. Hi

    Just read your review and thanks for the (generally!) favourable comments.

    There are inevitably similarities between the Sainsburys 2010 English Vintage Cider and Westons 2010 English Vintage Cider as they come from the same cider mill, using apples from the same vintage year and the same fermented base ciders. Both are designed to be a medium dry cider.

    I can assure you that they are different. The Sainsburys Cider is blended to be a little sharper than the Westons Cider.

    Though Ciderpages are clearly hasher judges than the judges at this years International Cider Challenge, where we have just received a silver medal for the Sainsburys 2010 Vintage Cider.

  2. Thanks for the comments Matthew,

    I am more than happy to being corrected on this cider; I did in fact try the two side by side and I didn't get the extra sharpness.

    A score of 70 is by no means poor - but I would say that I do have the benefit of seeing these ciders before tasting them, being able to taste against other ciders that I chose myself and therefore in some ways it will be more critical than a competition situation, which is blind.

    Don't forget that I am reviewing as many and as varied ciders as I can - many from companies who do not have the scale or finances to enter such a competition as the International Cider Challenge - £65 per entry (plus £20 admin fee) is a lot for a small cider producer when you compare it to the £6 or so at Bath and West!

  3. Sorry Matthew, I meant to say congratulations on you silver award at the International Challenge (but pressed send too quickly!)

  4. Thanks for the congratulations for the ICC awards and congratulations to yourself on a very comprehensive cider reviewing blog.

    No problem in you being a harsh critic, we need harsh critics, it make us all try harder!!

  5. Matthew, you are most welcome. Do bear in mind that I see anything with a score over 60 as being good cider. Anything with an apple, whilst subjective to me, is excellent.

    As a cidermaker myself, this blog started out as a search to see what I would wish for my own ciders to taste like... and has kind of grown from there. So, in a cidery kind of way, I am holding a mirror up to myself too.