Tuesday 8 May 2012

Rich's Dry Scrumpy

I was just about to launch into information about who Rich's are as a cider maker... but then realised that I have already covered one of their ciders so have already done that bit! Oh well.

So, here we have a tiny heritage bottle of cider. I do like the 500ml scrumpy bottle (although at £3.49 for a 500ml bottle of cider that may turn out to be a rather expensive bottle for all its traditional nodding). The label takes me right back to my childhood too - camping holidays in South Devon with my dad buying flaggons of 'ball-breaker' or some such scrumpy that, well, was not very nice if I remember rightly. I think this is the first time I have seen an image of a drunk farmer on a bottle of cider since starting to write cider pages! Apart from perhaps Cider by Rosies playful maiden on her bottle - which seems to be more caricature than drunk farm hand!

Enough about the bottle. Once a marketeer always a marketeer I suppose. This cider pours our hazy/clear and still into the glass. Possibly unfiltered - if it is it is gently done. It has retained a very cidery smell. Its almost rough (but in a very nice way). I am expecting tannin from this cider.

It actually turns out to be a very smooth cider. Rounded is the word I have written down. It is a very fine farmhouse cider with great flavours. I may also say its an easily accessible cider too. There really is nothing rough about this scrumpy! If there is one thing, it is that I think it might be a tiny bit watery. It has moderate tannins with very little acid to compete against it and no sweetness to cover it... and yet it is still very moderate and understated.

It is a good drink though - it tastes nicely matured and the aftertaste is long and tannic with good amounts of fruit coming through as well.

This is recommended and not surprisingly earns itself a bronze apple with 79/100. Just a touch pricey for a Farmhouse cider... though I have never really focussed on price so don't see why I should start now!

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