Saturday 11 February 2012

Gwynt y Ddraig Dabinett Cider

So, having mentioned it in a recent review it all but jumped of the cider shelf at me shouting "drink me, drink me!!". Therefore, here is the Gwynt y Ddraig Dabinett cider. Its a medium dry, so more my kind of drink than their Scrumpy was. Its also a single variety; well, we shall see where that takes us.

Its a nice golden colour with a moderate fizz that isn't particularly persistent, so it levels out quite well too. And the aroma is encouraging too - there is definitely a dabinett or two in there (which I guess is an advantage for a dabinett cider!).

To taste it is a little sweeter than I expected, although its a deep west country taste with plenty of body to it. Its also very cidery - much the same as other dabinett ciders I have tried. I guess if Gwynt had gone a little lighter on the sweetness it would have improved it a bit for me, although I am most certainly not every drinker so it can't really be too harshly judged.

The aftertaste is sweet and tannic - pleasant. However, I am getting a good dose of acid too which for a bittersweet apple is also unexpected. OK, so in my reckoning it has been adjusted a little - balanced out I guess you could say. But its still not a bad cider at all.

This is what I would call an 'in-between' drink. Its not hardcore or uncompromising cider, but its not apple juice or alcopop either. If my friend were thinking about moving on from Magners, I would point to this kind of cider as a stepping stone (although we all have different tastes, so it might be just right for them).

Not on my all time top 10, but a bronze apple with 74 points. If you offered it to me, I would most certainly drink it:-)

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