Tuesday 4 October 2011

Morrisons 'The Best' Vintage Cider

Moving on with the supermarkets 'own brand' ciders, I come to one of the supermarkets who I believe have a little catching up to do. Morrisons do have some ciders that are alright, but mostly stock the largest commercial (some would say industrial) producers.

The Morrisons 'The Best' brand is, I suppose, equivalent to Taste the Difference or Finest ranges (not being a regular Morrisons visitor I haven't been exposed to this much before. The bottle looks familiar, although it doesn't state who makes it on the bottle.

Inside, its a normal golden cider, with a moderate fizz which doesn't really interfere too much. If you are trying this cider though, make sure you have a good sniff as the aroma is very faint. What there is is pleasant though.

It has got a pretty nice taste to it, with a moderate tannin and acid behind it. It is a bit on the safe side - I suppose I would call it semi-vintage. It is rather sweetened though - not syruppy or sickly at all, but a bit too sweet for my taste. The aftertaste is nice and the flavour of cider fruit continues on the tongue - the sweetness does too though, but doesn't drown the apples out.

So, its very Herefordshire in style - dare I say very Westons in style (I was already suspicious of the bottle). Without checking, I would put my money on it being a Westons made cider.

I scored this at 63/100.

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