Tuesday 25 October 2011

Cider By Rosie Dorset Craft Cider

 What a better way to review my 100th cider than to try out a full juice, traditional cider from an 'uber' small producer? Well, to do the review about a producer who has twice lifted Supreme Champion at the Bath and West Show in Somerset must have my expectations raised!?!

I have a confession to make - I have a bit of a soft spot for Ciders by Rosie. Having tried it first (well, not this version) a couple of years ago I must admit that I am perhaps not the most objective an audience for this cider. However, will this just make me all the more critical? It is a medium dry, after all...

One more note before reviewing. I bought this bottle from Coombe Bissett Stores in Salisbury. It used to be 'Abbey Stores' - a renowned cider purveyor, but they have moved and closed the original stores... They still sell cider though:-)

It pours out golden and hazy. An unfiltered cider which, so far, complies with the statement on the bottle 'to recreate the full flavoured soft dry farmhouse cider, traditional to Dorset'. Oh yes, Rosie is a Dorset cider maker - and not a shy one at that. Her blog can be found on her website (www.ciderbyrosie.co.uk) and it goes into massive detail about her 'Cider Making Year'. Well worth a read if you want to know what makes a decent cider.

SO, to the taste. Not withstanding the medium dry monika, this cider is really, really good. Rose must have tasted her cider before writing the caption on the label - it is soft; with soft rounded tannins (a lot of them), and a mild acidic note behind it. And it has body to it - and legs. The aftertaste is warming and long, tannic and mild at the same time.

The sweetening doesn't interfere with this cider. Its still a dry, but I reckon a little sweetener has cut off the harsh edges of the tannin. I do like intelligent use of sweetening (as opposed to the overkill common to many sweet ciders who seem to just be trying to appeal to thenations sweet-tooth). The mouthful almost has an orangy taste - full and satisfying. That said, it does not taste of orange. Its just what came to mind!

To say its a rough cider is doing it a dis-service. Its an honest cider. Not played around with. Not trying to be more than the sum of its parts. I already know its going to score well, but adding up the total gives it a massive 94/100. I think that may be the highest score I have given so far...

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