Friday 12 August 2011

Gillow Tom Putt Single Variety Cider (GBBF)

Tom Putt's are described as a triple use apple, and are rated by many good cider makers as an excellent addition to a blended cider. What is a triple use apple? Well, its one that is both a culinary, eating and cider apple... It is a sharp, cooking apple. It is also, if left to mature, edible. And when pressed produces some very nice juice indeed.

Does it make a single variety cider though? My first thought was 'brave', but I don't see why not.... except you have to bear in mind that I am always sceptical of SV ciders.

Its a little hazy in the glass, and very light in colour. It also has a pretty light aroma to it as well, although I am already suspecting that it is going to be a pretty sharp cider. And I am right, it is hellishly acidic! Biting - with gnashing teeth, and actually makes me pucker each mouthful. Forget its medium dry status, any sweetness is totally lost in this cider.

If Gillow are after a cider that is different, they have done it well. There is nothing wrong with this cider - it just has more harsh acidity in it than any other cider I have tasted... ever (probably). Once you settle in to the drink, it becomes more bearable and in the end I did actaully enjoy it more. However. Wow. It is sharp!

As expected from Tom Putt, there is no tannin in the cider. That is good, as it makes this an honest cider that reflects its ingredients. However, I wonder how tempted Gillow werre to adjust it?!

So, it is recommended. But you could practice for it by sucking a lemon first:-)

A score of 67/100

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