Friday 27 May 2011

Ecusson Grand Cidre Cuvee Speciale

When you only have a limited time to run around and try cider in a place, its amazing how many can be consumed. So, before I go on a diet to shake some of it off (there are more to write about), this is a final French review before we go back on to some English cider more likely to be found.

Another reason for reviewing this particular cidre is because it provides a good contrast to the others I have tried in France so far (yeah, as I write I already know what I thought of it!). It was bought from a supermarket and serves as a lesson in sending someone else out to 'pick up' a couple of ciders. As I have said before several times, I refuse to knock anything before I have tried it - in fact, if anyone is reading this review, I still recommend trying it!

This cider is a controlled version of the other ciders I have tried. It is a dark gold colour and has little aroma to it - this is immediately a contrast to the others. To be fair, there is a faint cidre smell to it, but not anything appley. It is also crystal clear with a carbonated style of bubble more in common with the force carbonated ciders manufactured in the UK. The final visible sign of a manufactured product is the fact that there is no sediment in the bottom.

To taste, it feel carbonated and syruppy. I tried this one before the Stella Artois cidre but I can see a similarity in its style. More over though, this has a boiled sweet taste which is unlike anything I have tried before - not an easy supping cidre (and I tried really hard with it... honest!!).

It scored 48/100, which puts in the same league as some others I was not particularly keen on. Saying that, would add that a French style cidre manufactured does seem even more alien than British ciders manufactured. Sorry Ecusson... its just my opinion.

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