Wednesday 18 May 2011

Domaine De Lieu Gosset - Cidre Fermier de Normandie

This cidre was bought in a... well, a place that sold chocolates, coffee granules, cidre and wine, in Eu. Its probably not of interest, but it was on a blazing hot day in the middle of a market near to a pitch selling horse meat. Those who have spent time in Northern France will probably know exactly what I mean and where I am with it. A very French experience.

'Domaine' doesn't carry AOC or PGI (or whatever), but is designated 'Veritable Cidre Artisanal'. I quite like that, and like the idea that in the controlling French industry there are alternative 'statuses' (should that be 'stati'?) for cider makers. I also like the 'Pur Jus' on the side too - a sign that it isn't just us British that care about (and possibly have to fight for) 100% juice cider/cidre.

Now, this one didn't get off to a great start. In fact, as soon as I removed the wire, it decided to open itself with a bang - and then empty a little of its contents (rather too much of its contents) onto the floor. Hmph. I am not stingy, but I am not going back all that way to buy another bottle anytime soon! It also smells a little yeasty too... which is a good sign as well as bad - I doubt this has been filtered! Underneath though there is a delicious appley aroma, which is quite a sweet smell.

Once left to settle down, this is a smooth, lovely bittersweet taste - gentle bittersweets. There has been a sensitivity with the sweetness too, which complements the tannin perfectly... this is clearly a crafted and skillful cider and I think its initial poor start is more than made up for by the quality of the drink itself.

The tannins are almost sweet in themselves - it is mellow and actually made me stop what I was doing in order to enjoy it without being destracted. They do say that the French like to sit and watch life go by with a beer or a cider and however much this is a stereotype it is exactly what this cidre has achieved with me.

The aftertaste is just a continuation of mellowness - gently tannic and sweet.  Do I have a criticism of it??? I could say that the acid suffers a little and is lost to the tannin and sweet of the cider... but its not so much a loss really as this is without doubt one of two Normandy cidres that are my current favourites

Fully recommended... my friend developing their cider taste will definitely have to try this - they will fall in love with it. A gold apple with a score of 91/100

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