Friday 15 July 2011

WKD Core Apple Cider

OK. No I am not insane. Well, I don't think so anyway. I know I can hear giggling and even some gasps from those who only want to drink full juice, not chemically, traditional cider.

I must admit that I was a little surprised that WKD even thought to bring out an 'Apple' cider - what with all the other fruit ciders they make. That was meant to be a sarcastic and hopefully little ironic remark - its my contribution to the fact that I firmly believe that apples make cider, pears make perry; and any other fruit makes whatever it is that fruit makes ('made-wine' is the UK legal term for it!). I know some cider makers are jumping on the bandwagon and making strawberry or blackcurrent 'ciders' - I don't do fruit wines on here, so I don't think I will be reviewing them.

However. The purpose of this exercise is to find decent cider. And the search for decent cider for each person starts from somewhere. For me, it was Magners. For others it is going to be WKD (etc. etc. etc.) I don't believe that I can start to advise someone on what is wrong with their 'cider' if I haven't tried it. It may even help people who drink that cider to choose something to move on to in order to find a more traditional, sophisticated and individual drink.

Lets see how we do with it eh!

With an aroma that could cross a room with no difficulty (i.e. a lot of apple smell) its an almost watery yellow colour. At least it isn't luminous! It is also highly carbonated - this dies off after 5 minutes or so, so its not a problem in itself. I can wait that long:-)

Another word about the aroma though. Although there is a lot of it, when you get closer it actually smells of apple sweets - you know, the hard boiled type.

Now, for the taste. Forget cider. Its nowhere near. It doesn't even try to be a cider. What they have aimed for is sweet, alcoholic apple juice - only sweeter. And a tiny bit sour on the aftertaste too.

OK, to be objective in some way I couldn't find any tannin at all, no (or very little) acidity. No cider taste or citrus flavours or any real character. Its a hooch (a drink from the 90's that generally tasted of lemon or some such fruit - but was purely meant as a clubbing drink).

If you are a WKD drinker and think that its cool to drink a cider. Please (and I really don't mean this to sound patronising!) please go and try a proper cider. And when I say a proper cider I would quite happily encourage you to try Magners, Gaymers or anything... its at least a start.

I must have mis-read the label - I am sure it said apple cider. Maybe the use of 'cider' is a bit too loose for this drink. I really didn't like it at all.

It scored 29/100. I now kick myself for including it... but I guess it all has to be tried once.

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