Saturday 2 July 2011

Loic Raison Cidre Bouche

No, I haven't been back to France... I brought some back with me with the idea of dipping into them from time to time.

This one was bought for me from a decent hyper marche. Having said previously that this is not the ideal place to buy cidre, this one carries the AOC label - a sign that what is in the bottle should be good... or at least as consistantly bad as everything else in that given area:-)

Being a 'Brut', means that it is about 4.5%, and has been produced in the 'bouche' style - similar to other ciders/cidres that have been keeved. It has a nice layer of sediment too, which is another good sign that it hasn't been filtered to death/

The cork didn't want to come out of the bottle at first, although it did with a good pop finally (I was getting worried it had gone flat). The cidre itself is a nice golden colour with a good fizz (generally that is what you want from French Cidre).What nose it has israther pleasant... just a bit too faint really. However, the cider is a nicely blended mixture of tannin and acid - although its rather too sweet for me and tastes just a little syruppy. The aftertaste is short too, although what there is of it is nicely cidery.

For me, this seems a little too manufactured. Its not horrible by any stretch...and I believe that the French manufactured ciders taste worse than the English ones - though maybe that is just cultural. But in all honesty its not the best French cidre I have tasted - even though its AOC.

It scored 65/100 which, for me, was fair.

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