Wednesday 20 July 2011

Westons Stowford Press - Premium Quality Cider

So, this is another Stowford Press to try. In fact there are more, and I think this is the mainstream type - I have already tried the Export, and there are several other styles of Stowford Press (though at the moment I have no intention of trying them all). In fact, this is the new design for Stowford Press - dont be confused with the old design stating 'traditionat draught'. Its the same thing.

So, what is the difference between this and all the others? Well, confusingly they all seem to differ in strength to start with. The export (presumably export strength) is 6%, the Premium Quality (that premium quality marketers dream) is a light 4.5%. Disappointed? Yes a bit. Sceptical. Always (of everything!!)

One of the advantages of going from one version of a particular brand straight to another is that you get a straight and direct comparison between the two. I haven't been able to do this, although I do have my notes from the Export to consult. It wasn't that long ago anyway.

So, apart from the different style of labels from the old version  (this one looks pretty modern - definitely one that the marketing department has played with... thats probably where the 'Premium' monika came from too). Its a fairly pale gold with a reasonably light sparkle and a fairly ubiquitous Herefordshire aroma. There is a bit of sulphite in the smell too - it gives a bit of a twang to the nostrils which tells you it is there.

To taste, well... the taste is a little bit thin to be honest. And a little watery too. Its not particularly sweet in character which leaves a nice appley flavour with moderate tannins behind. Given the lack of hard hitting flavour, of what there is is pretty nice and balanced. The balance of bittersweet and bittersharp is a Herefordshire trait, and this doesn't let that down. I am sure if there were more of it, it would be very delicious. As it is, I am left a bit short. Is it that its cut that bit too far?

Its not exactly a safe cider - although it does have that tendancy. I did manage to finish it all though.

This one scored a less than great 58/100.

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