Sunday 31 July 2011

Gwynt y Ddraig Orchard Gold Cider

I consider myself lucky to have found this outside of Wales, although there are a few more artisan producers who are becoming more nationally available - including Gwynt y Ddraig.

I guess the most commonly heard question about the company (well, for me anyway) is "what does Gwynt y Draig stand for?". As for the answer? Well, I overheard a student serving at a local beer festival once say (with rather more confidence than he perhaps should have had) that it meant Dragons Fart. To put that in context though, he was trying to chat up several other drunk students at the time. In actual fact he was partly right - Gwynt can mean smell, flatulence and wind. I rather think that they mean Dragons Wind though. Still, I bet they never intended it to be a chat up line!

In all honesty, I am a little concerned about the 4.9% vol. of this cider as being a bit weak. Saying that, I dont have a problem and am sure it could still be full juice (or even mostly full juice) at that percentage.

Doesn't list ingredients on the bottle. Doesn't have to. But I wish people would start to.

Now for the serious stuff. Its a deep golden coloured cider, with minimal fuss of sparkle and a really nice deep apple aroma to it.

As a medium I am expecting it to be sweeter than I normally go for. This cider has a gentle cidery flavour. Really nice blend with a lot of individual character to it. The sweetness is in balance with the rest of the flavour but it is still a little too sweet.

Whilst I do get a little oak in here, its not off putting as some others tend to overdo it... in fact, I think it may have actually seen an oak barrel rather than a bottle of 'aroma of oak'. It is a gentle background to the main players of acid, tannin, sweet and... well, just a fully rounded cider.

Aftertaste is like a glow in the mouth. A nice finish to a really nice cider. Now, where is the medium dry/dry version of this????

81/100. A good Silver appley start for Gwynt y Ddraig.

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