Monday 16 September 2013

Welsh Mountain 'Bittersweet' Cider (GBBF)

First off let me apologise that this review is a day or so late. Sometimes things just get in the way and getting things out on time can be a bit of a challenge! In my defense I would offer that it was apple and cider related...

Staying with GBBF for a little while longer... aaand off to Wales again with this Welsh Mountain cider... judging by the little pin on Google maps they are just about right in the middle of Wales. Nice to see the Welsh cider is made outside of Monmouthshire! A brief glance at the website suggests they have a nursery as well as an orchard... so at least they know a few things about apples and trees! However, I am happy to say that all the ingredients are here for a full juice, hand pressed cider.

Now. A cider called 'bittersweet'. I wonder whether that is because it is, in fact, produced using bittersweet fruit... Bit of a safe bet I reckon but just in case I think I ought to try it:-)  It appears before me golden and cloudy (and still, which is how most draught real cider is served). The smell is quite tannic (and a fair bit yeasty too).

The taste is good, although there is quite a yeast to it. It is moderately tannic - not as much as the smell hints at, although it is pretty good. It is moderately balanced too, with an undertone of acid that regulates the tannin and quite a nice fruity apple flavour. I would say that this is a nicely balanced cider, which for me is held back by a lack of racking from its yeast. Either that, or this is the end of the barral and I am getting whatever has settled at the bottom... it is hard to tell in this environment (i.e. a busy festival) but nevertheless I cannot see why anyone would send a cider with a heavy crop of yeast to a festival in the first place.

So, in order to fairly judge this cider, I am having to dig beneath the yeastiness to find the flavour and profile of the drink - which is a bit sad. Mind you, if this were judging for a competition then I have to say that I wouldn't... and I guess that is my advice is to the producer. Hmm, am I 'allowed' to give advice to a Welsh producer??? I only jest, although Wales have put themselves on a bit of a peddlestall this year (and often with good reason).

The aftertaste (beneath the yeast) is pleasant and long.  Overall I think this is a good competent cider - just not this particular barrel.

A score of 66/100.

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