Monday 10 June 2013

Dorset Nectar Dry Cider

OK, Having missed reviewing a cider for the sake of having a life and actually talking (sorry, I can't even recall what it was...) we skip a while and then, en route to the train home I saw a chance to stop off at the Cider Tap. OK, I had a cheap rail ticket and couldn't travel till 7pm, so had to kill a couple of hours:-)

Knowing the issue with coldness, I thought I would start off with a dry cider... that ought to carry the taste better than a sweeter version. So we have the dry version of Dorset Nectar's cider. I don't think it has a name beyond 'dry cider', so it ought to be similar to the medium version I have already tried, but with more oomph. Please note I did not refer to the previous review when tasting or now, when writing (though I will once I have written my notes up to check the scoring etc.)

This is a half pint of golden haziness. It is still and it still smells of nothing. I think the Tap surgically remove aroma from the ciders they serve - so I have to give an averaging of score. That said, as much as I could smell no aroma, I also couldn't smell anything wrong with it!!

This is a moderately tannined, very fruity cider. I am getting both sharp and tannin in equal measure - quite a punchy sharp too. There is quite a pronounced tannin too, which makes this drink slightly rough... certainly a distinctive and strong cider taste going on... perhaps not one for those coming away from watered down ciders:-) It is really quite rounded in the mouth, and satisfied the hardened cider drinker in me - the one seeking bold flavours and tannin.

This also has a long aftertaste which is lovely too. The taste stays quite a while, and it is actually rather drying - which is surprising (although I suspect it is only a surprise because I couldn't smell it!)

A recommended cider with a score of 80/100. Silver apple for Dorset Nectar.

Having now seen the last review, I am stunned to see I scored it at 83, as this is possibly a better cider. Who says traditional cider makers cannot be consistent?!


  1. Maybe aroma is "surgically removed" by the Tap because they're chilled?

  2. :-)

    That is what I was referring to. It is a shame as you really get a sense of fruit from the smell.

    I have nothing against chilling but when it is too chilled it acts against the drink.


  3. I agree that the chilling subdues aromatics and flavor and find a cider to emit more acidity the colder it is.

  4. Lovely Stuff, I try it where ever I go, must of had a pint of it a dozens of times and never yet been let down, it always surprises me, a unique and crisp taste, visited the cider farm for a taster and came away hours later with a wealth of cider knowledge, great people too.