Saturday 2 February 2013

Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider

On to the next Cornish Orchards cider on my shelf. Well, if you find this stuff in a shop then you aren't going to just buy one of the range are you?! Having tried the 'Heritage' version, I am expecting the Farmhouse version to be a little rougher - perhaps flat and with some heavier tannins.

The bottle says it was made with 'Autumnal windfalls apples'... so that sounds positive. I do like the fact it also says to drink it alongside a ploughmans or Cornish Pasty!! Nice touch.

On pouring, it is bright, golden and much more fizzy than I had expected. Well, foamy is probably a better description. Once settled, the smell is gently tannic - a nice bitter sweet aroma which is fruity (although it seems a touch sweet too).

The taste is, once again, slightly cooked. An apple pie kind of taste that is not horrible but also not really inspiring. Saying all that it is very sweet... almost overpowering and not my cup of tea. It is balanced nicely - almost on the safe side of things, but it does have a fruity tannin and moderate acid underlining the body of the cider.

The aftertaste is also a touch short, which can come through filtering and pasteurising (not sure if it has been pateurised, but the slightly cooked taste does suggest so).

I like this cider. Its not a classic or getting any colour apple from me. But it is pleasant and demonstrates the lighter Devon/Cornwall style of cider that shows that cider. However, it does feel just a touch too processed for me personally. A score of 65/100.

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