Friday 28 December 2012

Gwynt y Ddraig Farmhouse Cloudy Scrumpy

Cloudy scrumpy. I had purchased both this version and the non-cloudy cider at the same time - and kind of expect them to both taste the same barring the haze. They are both the same ABV, and have similar descriptions on the bottle. Is this a crime? Nah. I actually think its rather clever... although I do hope that one version is filtered and one not. Weston's do a similar cider which is dealt with... well, slightly differently.

On the balance of things, a cloudy cider is more likely to earn itself the moniker 'scrumpy' than something bright and clear. Mind you, I don't filter my cider and it clears itself nicely - well, its not bright, but not cloudy either. Only through bottle conditioning do I get any significant yeast in the bottle. So I would suggest that this is possibly managed to a degree (but I am not an expert on this - in fact each day I discover really how much I don't know about cider and cider making).

In a clear bottle, this Gwynt y Ddraig looks golden and cloudy right enough. And with a fizz it is a sparkling cloudy scrumpy. Its smell is lightly fruity - just as the other version is. I am not getting any sulphite in this one though:-)

It is a nice cider - a bit yeasty to taste but it has a measure of tannin and fruit - a bit juicy (which is how I guess it has been sweetened) but very nice none the less. The tannin is balanced with the acid well although its not a particularly challenging taste. There is some character to it which makes it a nice 'quaffing' cider.

The aftertaste is still juicy and is moderately long.

I am not entirely sure what the purpose of the yeast is. It would work as either cloudy or bright and clear. I am not sure that explicitly having yeast in it really adds to much to the experience. Saying that, if you come across either version I can recommend it - it is a nice cider!

A score of 76/100 is 1 point less than the clear version (though it could just be my mood this evening). Its another bronze apple for Gwynt y Ddraig.

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