Tuesday 2 October 2012

Ecusson Cidre Brut

I guess I couldn't be out of the cidre producing area and not come across another Ecusson cidre eh... Ecusson are one of the larger producers in France - founded in 1919, they are based in Normandy and I would say are probably a similar size to Westons (although I am by no means sure and my French is only so-so.)

And so I have another Ecusson cidre to try. This time its the Brut Cidre. It is a well presented cidre which seems to be available readily (this was another Auchan purchase). It describes itself as having 'character and fruit' and as having 20 varieties of Normandy cider apple. And on the back label; "A servir bien frais" - well chilled. At least its not over ice anyway!

When poured it is a bright golden cidre with a high fizz. I guess even the French aren't immune from a few industrial processes. Still, its a matter of scale I suppose. Anyway, it has a nice fruity smell to it - sweet too and not a sign of any syrup.

On tasting, it is as you would expect. Highly honed and a fair bit prescribed. Quite sweet too. It does have that Normandy character though. Fruity and a bit of tannin - although its weak - watery I guess. The tannin is noticeable but drowned in fruit - which is good. Normandy cidre is very fruity - probably due to it being halted at 4.5 - 5% abv. The thing that let this one down a bit is that it is watery and this just makes things a little short - short on tannin and on acid. The aftertaste withers fairly quickly too. The character is good, the taste isn't bad but its all just a little bit like any number of standard cidre and a touch on the watery side.

One thing I would say about Normandy cider fruit - its not by any means harsh or full - say as Tremletts Bitter would be regarded as a harsh bitter-sweet or Broxwood Foxwhelp a full bitter-sharp. I can only observe this based on the limited number of Normandy cidre I have tried, although it is a common theme in my notes.

Anyway, this cider scored 62/100 - not a bad score but I feel accurate considering there are more interesting and individual cidre to be found in France.


  1. So many good tips to try next time in Normandy. Thank you.

  2. My pleasure. And there is SOOO much to try in Normandy!