Tuesday 19 June 2012

Troggi Seidr (Dry) Draught Cider

My first 2012 festival cider review... I think (I did a couple from pubs earlier in the year, so perhaps not the first draught review then!) This one is from one of Wales' finest producers, Troggi.

I don't really get to that many festivals in a year. This isn't through lack of trying, I can assure you, and I shall be reviewing from the Great British Beer Festival once again (hopefully it won't be too tight a squeeze in the new venue:-) This festival was a little closer to home, but nonetheless had an impressive array of ciders and perries to choose from.

Troggi was an obvious first choice for me; a producer I have heard good things about and a dry cider on offer. Don't worry too much about the name 'Seidr'. As I am sure most can guess it simply means 'Cider' in Welsh. I ought to also apologise for the awful photographs that go along with the few festival reviews that I cobbled together... lesson to self that phones with camera's are not always the best that one can manage (mind you, better than lugging the Canon about all over the place!)

Now, as a draught cider it is naturally going to be still. This one is also unfiltered and presents itself as a lovely golden and hazy cider. There is a faint smell - as I try more and more cider, I think that part of the aroma is enhanced by a few bubbles - it pushes it out. Still ciders do have an aroma (this one is nice and fruity) but it is much less obvious.

To taste, the Seidr has a wonderfully balanced profile - both sharp and tannin well pronounced - surely made from bitter sharp and  bittersweet fruit. It has a rounded fruitiness too which, although not safe in any regard makes it taste balanced and good. I do like this cider quite a lot in fact; it is earthy and traditionally west country in taste. This seems to be what a number of the upcoming Welsh producers are aiming at. And they are doing very well at it too.

The aftertaste is fairly short, but as its a beer festival it doesn't get much of a chance to just sit in my mouth. The acid eventually wins over the tannin though, which suggests a little more of the acid than tannin. However, this isn't a bad thing at all.

On the whole, a jolly nice cider. With a score of 80/100, Troggi get a silver apple from me for the effort. Nice one.

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