Monday 12 March 2012

Orchard Pig Dry Cider

I have very definitely been looking forward to this cider since trying the sweeter version. Ironically, I found it in a pub in London that sold take outs - the Cider Tap (aren't Londoners just lucky sods to have this on their doorstep!)

As with the medium, this is a full juice cider made by the artisan producer in Somerset. Why Orchard Pig? Well, I can only imagine that the producer looks out of their window at their spotted pigs and figured it was a good name to have. I have heard worse (and am just guessing. I certainly hope they didn't pay some marketing bod something for the name:-)

It does have a little bit of a flourish when opened and poured, but apart from that it's just golden and very bright. It is a shame that things are filtered quite so much - I guess they just look more appealing that way. One day I am going to go on tour and persuade various producers to let me sample their cider 'au naturale'!

The smell is deep cider although its a fairly light aroma in itself. The taste is just beautiful - lots of bitter sharp cider apples in this one I am sure. There is body a plenty, with an acid that matches perfectly with the tannin. Its not deathly drying - even as a dry. It feels a little controlled and reigned back. Scrumpy this is not. The aftertaste is warming although actually pretty short on the tongue. Sitting back and thinking it through the tannin is the overwhelming feature of this cider - the acid plays a supporting role. Very satisfying.

The only down side to this cider is that it is hard to come by. I found it by accident. I guess its the sweeter versions that Waitrose believes is the more popular. Sod that the dry is better!

At 91 points, Orchard Pig Dry joins the Gold Apple club. Very nice indeed... yum!


  1. Ha! When I saw the title of the post I was half expecting a gold :)

    Nice one, I love this stuff, luckily I can find it in my local waitrose.

  2. Well a very big thank you from the Orchard Piggies! We are delighted you enjoyed our cider... We called ourselves Orchard Pig, as we keep Gloucester Old Spots; as the original orchard pig, legend has it that their black spots are bruises caused by apples falling on them whilst rooting around the orchard. Our pigs remind us not to take life too seriously- not a marketing bod in sight! If you are looking for something less filtered we do a range of still farmhouse ciders: Philosopher ( med 6%), Naval Gazer ( Dry 6%) and Explorer (med 4.5%) all of which we hope you enjoy as much as we do! If you head over to these parts of the country- give us an oink and we'll show you around! Keep on Trufflin!! xx

  3. I am very glad that no marketing person got their hands on the name! It is very satisfying to see artisan producers of full juice ciders grace the shelves of supermarkets etc. It gives me hope for the industry!!

    I have a few bottles of the newly branded stuff to try, although is it the same just with a new name? Will look out for the farmhouse ciders.