Tuesday 27 December 2011

Westons 2010 Vintage Cider

One of the great things about artisan/craft cider is that it changes each year it is produced. In a real sense, each time you try a cider it will be different from the last tie you tried it. The same should be true of beer and wine too.

Now, of course, this isn't so true of ciders that have been produced by more industrial processes. They are checked and balanced to give a common flavour. Weston's are, for me, in that grey area where they use industrial processes as well as more traditional ones - so to some degree I am not entirely sure what to expect of the 2010 version of their Vintage. The 2009 wasn't bad by any stretch though.

Well, it has a faint(ish) smell - although if you concentrate its actually quite a nice smell; albeit a little 'juicy'. By juicy I mean apple juicy. You may or may not have noticed, but during a fermentation apple juice loses its 'juicy' character to something less sweet and complex.

It has a moderate fizz but settles down well. And to drink it has a nice flavour. I get the tannins and there is acid in here too. Not a bad balance, although as they generally sweeten with juice you can tell it's there... or is that because I know they use juice I can taste it. In any case, there's not that much in the drink.

The aftertaste is actually on the acid side of things, although is still good. It gives it more character than I am used to from Westons. However, either I have no idea what 'oakiness' tastes like or else I can't find it in here. Mind you, its been filtered/pasteurised and etc. etc. etc. (and as the lady at the Weston's factory told me; "it all starts out at 14-15%" - so its been cut. Mind you, 8.2% is not to be taken lightly!

I rather like it. I have to say its not a hard-core cider. But I doubt any Weston's really is. Consistent is the word, and this one stands very well with other vintage ciders.

In conclusion, the 2010 Vintage compares favourably to the previous year - 72 gives Weston a bronze apple. I hate to admit it,  but this is Weston's first apple.


  1. Have you tried the 2013 vintage?

    I don't like it. Not as nice as the 2012.

  2. In all fairness I haven't - but that is mainly because I expected it to taste the same as the 2012... I will get some and give it a try... not sure if its worth its own review, but will definitely post something here.