Thursday 7 July 2011

Henneys Apple Sweet Cider

Now here is a strange thing. I have been trying French cidres for a month or so now - deliberately as I got 'em all from France!! OK, that isn't strange... but its that in the midst of all of this I encounter Henney's 'Apple Sweet' - which is almost exactly like a number of French cidres...

The smell of it is sweet, appley and full. Bittersweet notes ring out from the bubbles! Very French you mught say. Actually, I quite like it and have to say I am becoming a Henney's convert. It is only moderately sparkling too - and that is great! (I suspect Mike Henney is a man after my own heart on the sparkling count...)

So, to the taste. Bear in mind I have scored some ciders down for being too sweet (and I have even tried very hard to be reasonable with sweet ciders!!). This one is nice... and only moderately too sweet. What the sweetness doesn't do in this cider is to drown out its character - deep tannins with a mild acidity behind it. However, its floral in flavour too, which could be due to its sweetness.

Satisfying, even if it is too sweet for me...

Oooh. just got a big sweet hit. I have to say that the aftertaste is a little too sickly sweet and in this respect it does kill the apple flavour a bit too much.

Overall, this cider clearly wasnt made with someone like me in mind. However, it is a pretty good cider despite this and made with care enough to ensure that its character comes before its sweetness.

Very good 78/100 for an English cider that is as good as many French cidres!

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