Monday 20 June 2011

The Orchard Pig Medium Cider

Back to the UK once again - its about time I reviewed another artisan producer, although this bottle was purchased from Watirose. You have to respect that supermarket for trying where it comes to cider - although so far I cannot complain that there isn't at least a choice in most of the others (I do feel that Morrisons and Asda let the side down a bit). However, it it so encouraging that there are at least a couple of full juice, crafted cider producers making inroads to the supermarkets (though I am afraid to ask what hurdles they had to jump through in order to get their produce in!)

This Orchard Pig cider is a little out of my comfort zone on the face of it. Medium ciders are commonly too sweet for me. However, I cannot pass up the chance to at least try it. I do like the label too. Creative or imaginative things generally appeal to me. There is a nod towards ingredients listing on it (with a picture of apples and an arrow pointing to it with 'ingredients' next to it. If its their way of saying its full juice (i.e. greater than 85% apple juice) then I am good with that.

Orchard Pig is a deep golden colout with a light carbonation to it. There is no fuss or flourish when it is poured. It smells tannic and sweet (fruity) and has a strong full aroma to it.

The first mouthful is all cider fruit - fruity and tannic with very little acid coming through. There is sweetness in it, but after a few more mouthfuls this is overcome by the full tannic style of the cider. Its a medium dry/dry cider by the time the tannin has had a chance to do its thing. This is partly because the thing that clings to the tongue and lingers is the tannin and fruit. If there is any acid in here (and there must be because it does taste fairly balanced) it is dominated by the tannin.

Overall, I enjoyed this cider a lot. I understand why its a medium - it needs to be in order to stop the cider being mouth puckeringly dry. But it all works well. Lovely.

A silver apple for Orchard Pig on this one - 83/100.


  1. I usually find Medium a bit too sweet but I agree, this is damn tasty.

    My local Waitrose also stocks the Orchard Pig Dry which you really should try if you enjoyed this one :)

  2. Sounds like you have very similar tastes to me, I think you'd find he Orchard Pig Dry is even better!

    My local Waitrose stocks the Medium and Dry.

  3. I hoped that they did... will have to hunt that one down! Cheers