Saturday 19 February 2011

Thatchers Vintage of 2010

I feel as though I gave Thatchers a bit of a hard time in the post about Thatchers Gold... not, I am sure, that they would worry too much about it - Gold is a very popular cider. With John Thatchers Vintage of 2010, we must be talking about a different beast.

On the label, is claims to be made from 'only the best apples from the 2010 crop'. 'It should have a touch of sparkle and a fruity floral aroma.' Well, that is the label - something I try to avoid reading until after I have tried it. So here goes.

Well. the label is pretty spot on with this one. A fairly light fizz and a nice golden colour... not a natural carbonation, but it is held back so not over the top. A smooth mouth feel too - nothing like Gold, its not watery at all.

In the mouth, there is a good measure of tannin, but also sharp too - unfortunately, a tiny bit sour (on my palatte). I have tasted this before; I am sure that there are a decent amount of bittersharps in this cider. The trouble is that sometimes bittersharps overtake the sweets and bittersweets. That said, this cider has a distinct character - its definitely not bland! There is nothing wrong with erring on the sharps either.

This is a punchy drink - you don't get the full 7.4%, even in the aftertaste which is quite long and sharp too.

I liked it. A favourite it is probably not but as an individual cider it stands up well - just not what I would consider a heritage cider.

It scored 71/100 so it gets a bronze apple.

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