Wednesday 21 March 2012

Godshill Cider Company Lazy Lob Cider

This is the last of the Godshill ciders I bought from the Isle of Wight. Shame really as I rather liked them, and truly recommend a trip to their shop if you are around that neck of the woods. And let's face it, the Isle of Wight isn't that big... if you find yourself on the island then you're not that far away from Godshill! Sure its touristy, but if you're visiting the island then I guess you would qualify:-)

Lazy Lob (nice name) is a light, yellow cider with a low carbonation and a light and fruity aroma to boot. Its bright though, as with the other Godshill ciders.

Its a nice, mellow flavour. More eastern than western style but it does have a gentle tannin that sits in the background. Lazy Lob is not bone dry by any stretch. The acid body to it lifts it and makes it refreshing. I guess the acid wins through in this cider - which is not especially balanced (but then it doesn't really have to be eh!).

The aftertaste is as faint as the aroma - not really either tannic or acidic.

Overall its a little watery, although very good. Think lemony and you have it (although I am sure there aren't any lemons in it:-) Not a bad cider at all which only just misses an apple (for me).

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