Sunday 18 March 2012

Duchy Originals Organic Herefordshire Cider

They don't do names by half at Duchy Originals for Waitrose do they?  The full monika for this one is 'Organic Herefordshire Reserve Dry Cider'. And breathe:-)

I love the way that this cider is in a 750ml bottle. The idea of sharing a bottle of cider fits well with how I see the drink. Its also a clear bottle, so you can see the golden fluid before its even open. Very inviting and warming too. I think Duchy have the packaging side of things nailed - classy clear label. So its just the name that tries a little too hard to cover all possible bases!

It may come as a shock and surprise to realise that Aston Manor make this cider for Waitrose under the name of Duchy Originals. I am not sure whether this is Aston Manor making it for Duchy who then supply it to Waitrose. It would fit in with the name for it to be three or even four parts removed... makes it much longer:-)

OK. This cider is low carbonation, golden and very bright. It looks really good actually. There is little smell from it however - although what there is smells just about right for a Hereforshire cider made from bittersweet/sharp fruit.

And it is a really nice cider. A good taste of fruit with a moderate body and tannin to it. There is acid too; understated but nicely balanced. And the aftertaste is as the taste - balanced, if a little short.

I guess if there is one criticism I would make of this cider, it is that it follows the rules a little too closely. Sure, its got character - but its a fairly ubiquitous Herefordshire character that is competent. Mind you, that fits with its classic and high end bottle, label and price. Its a civilised cider.

It scores 74 and earns a bronze medal.

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