Tuesday 14 June 2011

Domaine de la Gentilommiere Cidre Fermier

Farm cider. This is normally a safe bet to finding full juice cider in France. Well, you will always have to be prepared find both good and bad - especially when there is nothing out there to tell you otherwise... I guess that is a part of the purpose of this blog. I am not really trying to help anyone else, but it is darn convenient to call up the blog on my phone to see what I have tried before. Well, it will be at some point anyway!!!
I bought this one in a small supermarket, although I cannot remember which town it was in (and I didn't have the forethought to write it down!). Its not got the AOC mark, but was about 4 euro's and is farm cider so it should be pretty much on the mark. One other thing I have noticed in France is that there is a tendancy towards labelling things organic. OK, my feelings on organic are on here already and I am just as sceptical about the French version as I am about the British version. 

This is a nice, fruity smelling cider that is golden and clear (and very sparkling). Its nice and refreshing, although it is another sweet cider - quel surprise... its French:-). Its also got a gentle tannin with acid behind it. Have you noticed that I seem to have written the same thing a couple of times now? It is like several other cidre's that I have tried so far. I am no expert in French cidre and it will almost certainly differ between regions, but there seems to be a common objective amongst the cidre's I have tried so far. They are all gently flavoured, fizzy and sweet with a distinct appley note.

Now, this doesn't mean they are bad - in fact, the cidre's I have tried on the whole have all been very good. This one is a great cidre - if you come across it, try it!. It scored 66/100 which is good although I didn't think it was spectacular. 

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