Thursday 2 June 2011

Aspall Draught Cyder

I am not sure if this is the last of the Aspall range to try... there might be another one or two I haven't found. The draught cyder is (I think) one of the newer of the range - inspecting the bottle is says that 'Draught' was added to the line up for Aspall's 275th anniversary back in 2003. Just shows how long I have been drinking cider then I suppose!

As its the last Aspall to be reviewed on here, I do feel compelled to mention the botle. Generally, as smaller scale producers (including brewers) do not get much choice of bottles, it is nice to see that some companies take the trouble to invest in presentation. Aspall is one company who I think try very hard in this respect. I do like the tall bottles that their cyder comes in, and the labelling suits it well. It looks a stylish drink before you even open the bottle. I must also add though, that the labels are a right pain to remove for those producing for themselves and too stingy to go out and buy their own (I speak from personal experience!). Also, the bottles are too tall to stack generally... but that isn't Aspall's problem eh!

So, I like the bottle and label (and it does matter!). Pouring the cyder out, it is a lovely colour. I have noted on the sheet 'Yellow', but it is much closer to a pale gold than yellow. It also has a very fresh desert apple aroma; a big aroma in which you can smell acid and citrus flavours. The carbonation is medium but consistant as opposed to any kind of flourish.

Any carbonation would be lost in this drink, and this doesn't get in the way - it has big desert fruit flavours going on. After the refreshing bite of the decent amount of acid there is plenty of citrus flavour - lemon and (dare I say it) banana even. This is not a balanced cyder as you might expect from a mainstream cyder maker, where it all seems to taste the same. There is very little tannin to calm the big flavour down. An excellent eastern counties cyder from a much respected eastern counties producer.

The aftertaste does die a little, although the flavour is so distinct that it doesn't really disappear as such. It has a depth and character to it and rightfully scores 76/100. I could drink it all day long... though at 5.5% that would be irresponsible:-)

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