Saturday 14 May 2011

Lyme Bay Jack Ratt Cider

I have been saving this one since my trip to Dorset recently, but having consumed a few average ciders recently I thought I might treat myself to a cider that contains a little more apple juice (yum yum!).

This cider, when opened, has no fizz, froth or commotion. It pours a nice deep gold in colour - a still cider that smells of tannin and fruit. I do prefer a still cider - well, at most a small sparkle. It is all subjective though, and I have tried a few ciders that are both sparkling and superb.

To taste, Jack Ratt is a fully tannic cider, but with a nice fruitiness to go with it. Both these are legnthly, lasting beyond the taste... it has a nice aftertaste. If I am going to pick one hole in it, I would say its a little too sweet - not overtly so, but enough to take the edge off. There isn't a whole lot of acid in this cider though - its definitely a cider apple cider (if you see what I mean).

A very good cider and a worthy bronze apple with a score of 74/100.

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