Tuesday 3 May 2011

Bulmers Crisp Blend Cider

OK, I think I can see where Bulmers are going with this one. At least its not 'green' or 'red' apples this time. This cider, I am expecting an eastern counties cider full of sharpness and lemony flavours. Judging by Bulmers track record, however, I suspect it may not exactly live up to that monica. They cater for the masses, not for the person seeking the best. I am happy to be surprised though!

As with the Red Apples version, this is a limited edition. I suspect its testing the water. If I were marketing new ciders, I suppose I would do the same. After all, Bulmers are leaders in the cider market alongside Magners (commercially - probably not in best ciders!)

Once again, its served in the 'pint' bottle. Looking at the label, there is the 'drink it over ice' blurb, although it also recommends to drink it in the sunshine. Ah, that will be why its a limited edition. Bulmers know about the UK summer:-)

All joking aside, this cider is the standard 4.5%, weak for a traditional cider, but about standard for the more generally available ones. It is also encouragingly light in colour but with a big fizz. It also has a very light aroma, although its not an aroma of much.

Sadly, its got the ubiquitous Bulmers taste to it as well. Although the tannins are masked somewhat it is not overly acidic either. There isn't much of an aftertaste - although very unfortunately I could taste sulphites at the end of the mouthful... having used sulphites and smelled them as a crushed and diluted chemical, I have noted that this is prominent. A shame, although not really too much as my biggest problem is that it isn't really eastern (or even that crisp).

Enough said, it scored 50/100

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