Sunday 25 November 2012

Juice in cider

Sorry for bumping the Ashgrove review... don't worry - it hasn't gone anywhere:-) Sometimes other things come up that have the potential to be both interesting and potentially useful in fighting the cause of what is important for cider.

So, I have been asked to promote this little one question survey. It's actually very straightforward. If you drink cider, how much juice content do you think should be in there? Here is the link: 

Yeah, yeah. I do try to stay impartial, but I realised this could have ramifications. While juice isn't everything that makes a cider great, just looking at the gold apples on here they are all 'full juice', traditionally made and cared about. And you would be surprised what levels of juice are in your more common ciders too! 

However, I don't want to influence your choice... go on, take the survey. Lets hope that Nooks Yard publishes the data so we can all see where the drinking public are on the subject of real cider.

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  1. Thanks for promoting this - not sure who asked you to, but wasn't actually me! Rest assured, the results will be published!