Friday 14 September 2012

Dove Syke Cider Company Ribble Valley Gold (GBBF)

Nipping across the border into Lancashire, I find another North Western cider at the GBBF. I think this is number 8 or 9 for me this year... thank heavens for the third of a pint! In total, I managed to consume 11 different ciders in the space of about 6 hours during my visit to Olympia. AND, after all that I managed to walk out without much staggering at all! I only state that in case anyone felt my judgement might become too impaired!

Dove Syke Cider Company are another producer who could do with looking at their website - the link appears in Google but goes to nowhere. However, I can see that they are based in Clitheroe and refer to their production as 'cider brewing'. Hmph. Old grump will have to be held at bay for this! After a little bit of 'jumping' to a particular section of their website, I am on it and can report that they are a fairly new producer with access to some cider fruit as well as what they call 'Lancashire' fruit. The owners come out of the home brewing tradition (so I can forgive the cider brewing gaff!)

The smell on this golden cider is fruity and tannic. So there are cider apples beyond Watford then! Its nice and clear, though it looks naturally so (as in, the yeast has been allowed to settle and the cider racked away from this to mature and drop clear).

This cider has a very mild taste with some good fruity tannin that isn't particularly drying. There is a touch of acid too, although its not in competition - not that there is much tannin to compete against. If I am honest, it does feel a touch watery as I get my way through it. This leaves the aftertaste moderate and fairly short. But... its really rather nice if a little weak.

Picking faults, I would say that there is a hint of sulphur to this cider. This is perfectly natural, though is something to watch out for.

A bronze apple with a score of 70/100

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