Saturday 14 April 2012

Hecks Medium Cider

Okay, this really is the last of the medium ciders I bought from the cider shop. The lesson I have learned... make sure you read the bottles properly before the red cider mist descends! Anyway, as its a Hecks its worth trying anywa, right? Well, after the medium Port Wine of Glastonbury I have to say when hecks make something sweet - it is S.W.E.E.T.!

So, lets get on with it before I change my mind. It has a nice low carbonation to it and is lightly gold (you can tell this from the photo though eh! I do like clear bottles - and I love the label and style of this bottle. Very clear and to the point, whilst simple. Hey, don't shoot me, I like things like this:-)

There is a real bittersweet smell to this cider, and I hope its less sweet than the last Hecks I tried as I am really looking forward to it. It actually is very quickly a still cider - must have been a soupson of carbonation to keep it in its lovely fresh form.
Oh my. This cider has got great fruit. Lots of sweetness though:-( Despite its big and promising aroma its actually got a very mild body to it. Not that this is a bad thing in its own right - it is well balanced with some nice acid notes too. However, its all been a little tamed by the sweetening, which is, again, overdone (to my mind).

Taking things into account, this is a great cider though - good flavours going on with a nice fruity aftertaste. Good blend of apples!

Shame about the level of sweetness - I guess one mans medium is another mans sweet. However, the shocker for this cider is the score - a silver apple. So it cannot be all that bad eh. Just think what it would be as a medium dry or dry!!

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